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‘Fear on Film’, A 1982 Roundtable Discussion About Horror With David Cronenberg, John Landis, and John Carpenter


Japanese poster for HORROR OF DRACULA (1958)

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Portrait of a very young Louise Brooks, when she was at the dance school.


Michael George Haddad

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when this movie dropping bruh 

Mummy of a man. I took this picture at the department of Egyptian Antiquities - The Louvre, Paris.

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Smart page with string

These pages from a late-16th-century scientific manuscript share a most unusual feature: they contain a string that runs through a pierced hole. Dozens of them are found in this book. The pages contain diagrams that accompany astronomical tracts. They show such things as the working of the astrolabe (Pic 1), the position of the stars (Pic 4), and the movement of the sun (Pic 6). The book was written and copied by the cartographer Jean du Temps of Blois (born 1555), about whom little appears to be known. The book contains a number of volvelles or wheel charts: revolving disks that the reader would turn to execute calculations. The strings seen in these images are another example of the “hands-on” kind of reading the book facilitates. Pulling the string tight and moving it from left to right, or all the way around, would connect different bits of data, like a modern computer: the string drew a temporary line between two or more values, highlighting their relationship. The tiny addition made the physical page as smart as its contents.

Pics: London, British Library, Harley MS 3263: more on this book here; and full digital reproduction here.

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